I get a lot of questions about why I get so into the draft and specifically mock drafts. The answer is simple yet confusing. As far as the draft goes, the NFL is one of the few sports that teams are primarily built through the draft rather than free agency.  Take a look at the history of good teams vs bad teams. The successful teams are mostly powered by players they were able to draft and build up. You’ll notice the teams that are the biggest spenders in free agency are the teams that are lower in the league which have cap room due to not resigning good draft picks.  Not very often is the Super Bowl MVP a free agency addition.

As far as mock drafting goes, its an ugly, opinionated reference. However everyone looks at them and the reason we love writing them is not to tell teams who they’re going to draft but to emphasize the current stock of the players as they rise and fall throughout the entire draft process. We’re not professionals but rather, draft enthusiasts. Teams that draft poor, stay poor, and vise versa. Have a great off-season everyone – like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, let us know what ya think! We’re in it for the fun.

  • Anthony Gall

    nice job nick!